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Our Partnerships go beyond our software. We strive to be a true asset to our Partners by extending a helping hand in time of need. 

Utah Earthquake Response

Assisting Partners and supporting our Mission becomes more paramount during times of devastating disaster. To serve our Mission during these times, we assist our Partners to the best of our abilities so they can provide the highest quality of care to the clients affected and their families. With Partners across the United States, when disasters occur in any region our instinct is to reach out to affected Partners and provide aid. When the 5.7 magnitude earthquake hit Utah March 18th, 2020 we knew many of our Partners would be affected and we needed to assist them in continuing their operations and maintaining the quality of care and lives of their patients.                                                                                 Credible Assists Partners For Hurricane Michael

We provided Partners the latest updates we had received about the earthquake along with tips to help maximize the use of the Credible software during this disaster. Information provided included Serve Weather Crisis Planning resources and tips for staying safe during and after an earthquake. In addition to providing resources, we gave complimentary access to several Credible solutions to ease the impact of the disaster on their businesses and clients. Credible Mobile was provided to Agency’s allowing them to continue their perilous work in areas that had lost electricity. Our team assisted in providing individual client records and Continuity of Care documents so treatment could continue with minimal disruption. For Agencies that permitted staff to work from alternate locations, Credible enabled Advanced Security to keep documents secure while allowing data access. For Partners that required domain configurations during this time Credible prioritized quick task ticket turn arounds and assisted with set up.

The combination of these actions allowed our Partners to continue operations and to support their clients and communities. With Partnership, we believe it is our duty to provide any help possible to our Partners. By continuing to find ways to support Partner communities, we can improve the quality of care and lives in behavioral health.

COVID-19 Pandemic Support

At Credible, we are always looking for opportunities to better serve our Mission, not only support our Partners but the Behavioral Health community. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, we wanted to assist in any way we could. To aid behavioral healthcare Agencies impacted by COVID-19 Credible, in partnership with Change Healthcare, provided a secure, proven, and easy to use solution for simplified documentation, efficient billing, and full client/family portal access. Agencies challenged with remote staff, telehealth, and billing complexities could quickly shift from paper documentation to an electronic solution to support the swift documentation and payment of claims.

We continued sharing tips to help maximize the use of the software, as a means to aid Partners in operationalizing plans to maintain the quality of care and lives in behavioral health. Credible provided several complimentary solutions to Partners to smooth the transition to operating in the age of COVID-19 including: Credible Mobile, Advanced Security Module, Data Access Service, Continuity of Care Service and Domain Configuration. In addition, Credible gave recommendations for additional data collection, reporting, configurations to set up, and queries to run. Credible is also provided ways solutions such as Client Portal 2.0, PillBox Admin, and Physician Orders 2.0 can be utilized to maximize efficiency.

During this time Agencies who served LEP and Deaf clients were faced with increased risk and cost of using in-person interpreters. To help combat the pandemic Credible partnered with Jeenie®, a mobile app that provides on-demand Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), to offer a special to care providers during a time when in-person interpreting was risky for interpreters, doctors, and patients. For Agencies that prescribe, Credible displayed up-to-date data on pharmacy closures so prescribers knew in real-time what pharmacies remained available during the crisis.

Since the declaration of the pandemic Credible provided several weekly updates to Partners; including helpful resources from organizations (CDC, WHO, NIH, etc.) and information related to state changes, policy, laws, and regulation. This information helped Agencies understand the quickly changing regulatory landscape so they could employ strategies to meet COVID-19 challenges. To ease the disruption caused by the shift to working from home Credible provided tips for workplace COVID preparation, managing a remote workforce, and employee tips for stress and coping while working from home. Network tips and tricks were provided to optimize the work from home experience. The Partner Forum was filled with ongoing conversations about the Coronavirus, along with helpful tips and tricks from fellow Agencies. Participants shared information aimed at helping colleagues across the nation effectively deliver quality care during challenging times. Also, Credible actively supported questions regarding forms, configuration, and more.

Additional, Credible provided quality training content, via webinar. We prioritized Partner Conference Sessions that could help Agencies continue to adjust to our current challenges. The lessons we have learned after 20 years of bringing Partners live and supporting the Partnership have helped position us to be able to provide this kind of support during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Hurricane Michael Support

Behavioral health does not wait for disasters. As a company with Partners all over the country we knew many of our Partners would be affected by this storm and knew that we’d have to extend a helping hand in some way, shape, or form. With the widespread impact of the storm we knew the best way the help our Partners was to help them protect their businesses and their patients.

Credible Assists Partners For Hurricane Michael

To do this, we gave all of our Partners complimentary access to Credible Mobile with a full, step-by-step overview of disaster relief protocol for our software. The combination of these two actions allowed for our Partners to be able to support their clients during and after the storm with everything from getting records to those who have been misplaced to using our Mobile functionality so Partners could support clients in areas without electricity.

Credible Cares is intertwined with our company’s Mission and culture. Because we believe in a Partnership, we look to provide support to ensure that you continue in your work effortlessly, no matter the conditions.

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